Evangel’s Senior Group

–or The Speeders–as they are affectionately known–get together once a month for a fellowship dinner. Most months also include a brief program or special speaker. They also have a special Christmas Dinner in December. Please check the online calendar or bulletin for dates!

Adult Sunday School Classes

10AM Sunday

Evangel offers several different adult classes on Sunday mornings.
The Bridge Builders
class is comprised of single and married adults of various ages. The informal format mixes instruction with discussion, and a little humor. Enjoy breakfast and great fellowship as we study God’s Word together.
This class is based on informal, open discussion. The class has a genuine love for one another and seeks to know and serve God better each day. Their goal is to live lives that will be an example to younger generations.
Families of Faith
The focus of this interactive gathering is to provide a solid foundation for members to grow and support one another. The number of married and single adults varies but there’s always room for more.
Young Adult Class
This is a newer group of young adults (20’s and 30’s, married and single!). They meet in the library, and if you are looking for a class with people at the same place in life as you are–this would be a great group to start with!
Faith Training
is held twice a year. It is a time when all the adult Sunday School classes come together to cover a particular topic or series.


Below is a list of the small groups that will begin meeting again in September! If you have any questions, please contact the Group Facilitator!

Encouraging Mom’s Group
First and Third Wednesdays of the month at 10AM
here at Evangel
330-850-1156 Maggie Faull

Chris & Randy Brunko
1st & 3rd Sundays, 7PM at the Bunko’s,
330-559-5076 Pastor Randy

Maggie & Ted Faull
Sundays, 5:30PM at the Faull’s,
330-850-1156 Maggie Faull

Lynda & Kevin Hawkins
Every other Monday, 7PM at the Hawkins’ 330-770-0603 Lynda Hawkins

Beth & George Basista
Wednesdays, 7:15PM at the Basista’s,
330-758-7801 Beth Basista

Elaine Lewis–Ladies Group
Wednesdays, 6:30PM, At the Lewis’
330-881-0934 Elaine Lewis

Cheryl Buoni–Ladies Group
Thursdays, 10AM, Maggie Faull’s house,
330-726-8203 Cheryl Buoni

Men’s Group
Every other Wednesday,
6:30PM Church Library

Cheryl & John Buoni
Thursday’s 7PM at the Buoni’s
330-726-8203 Cheryl Buoni